Days of our Lives Comings and Goings: Harris Michaels Out - Will Ava Leave Salem Too?


Days of our Lives fans can expect some changes in the upcoming episodes. The show's comings and goings confirm that Harris Michaels, played by Steve Burton, will be departing from the show. However, the fate of his former flame, Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun), remains uncertain.

Harris Michaels first appeared on the spinoff series Beyond Salem as Megan Hathaway's brainwashed henchman. He later became a respected member of the Salem PD and developed a close relationship with Ava Vitali during his stay at Bayview, the mental hospital featured on Days of our Lives.

Harris played a significant role in helping Ava follow her instincts and escape the facility to find Susan Banks.


The couple seemed to be doing well until Ava was approached by Clyde Weston, a prisoner at Statesville, to run his drug ring in Salem. Ava couldn't confide in Harris about the situation because Clyde had threatened her son, Tripp Johnson.

Recently, Ava discovered that Harris had kissed Stephanie Johnson and broke up with him. She didn't want him getting too close to her secret. In order to throw Harris off the trail, Ava lied and said she was having a fling with her partner, Stefan DiMera.

The show's spoilers hint that Harris will be shot, leaving his fate uncertain. Will he survive? And will Ava face repercussions for her involvement in the drug ring? Harris's departure from the show is imminent, but it remains to be seen whether he will leave in a body bag.


In other news, Lucas Horton, played by Bryan Dattilo, will be making a return to the show. Lucas has been in prison since he kidnapped his ex and baby mama, Sami Brady. Despite attempting to frame EJ DiMera for his crimes, Lucas now realizes that he was in the wrong.

Lucas's mother, Kate Roberts, and Detective Harris Michaels visit him in prison. Harris wants to gather information that will lead him to the head of the drug operation responsible for the recent deadly overdoses. Rafe Hernandez, the top cop in Salem, is under pressure from the DA and the mayor to apprehend the drug pushers and their boss.


Finally, there is speculation that Gabi Hernandez, previously played by Camila Banus, may be recast in the near future. Gabi is currently in Statesville prison, convicted for the murder of Li Shin. However, many fans believe that she was framed and that her ex-husband may still be alive.

As the storyline unfolds, viewers can expect more drama involving Harris Michaels, Ava Vitali, Lucas Horton, and the possibility of Gabi Hernandez's return. Stay tuned to Days of our Lives for the latest comings and goings, as well as exciting spoilers.


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