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Man Adorably Takes Care Of Tiny Kitten On Subway And The Photos Instantly Go Viral

Gillian Roberts was riding the NYC subway on her way home when she saw something that would soon spread joy not only to her, but to people all around the globe.

Roberts spotted a man cradling a tiny kitten in his lap, and her heart melted at the sight.

The kitten was wrapped in a towel, and the man was bottle-feeding the tiny feline.

It wasn’t just the sight of the adorable kitten that made the scene so special for Roberts; it was the intense, almost palpable feeling of tenderness and care that the man seemed to exude while tending to the little cat.

Rogers felt compelled to find out more about the man and the kitten and approached the pair.

She chatted to the man for some time and found out that he had found the kitten in an alley.

He’d rescued her and was now doing his best to nurture her and help her grow strong and healthy.

The little kitten clearly adored her rescuer, and Rogers couldn’t help but notice the love in the kitten’s eyes.

“The kitten was looking up at him as he fed her,” Rogers told


She thanked the man for what he was doing for the kitten, and when she got off at her stop, her whole day seemed brighter and full of hope.

And soon, that feeling had spread; after Rogers posted about her encounter online, pictures of the kind man and the kitten quickly went viral.

The pure love and compassion on display seemed to speak to people on a deeper level and lifted their spirits in the same way Rogers’s mood had been elevated.

It just goes to show that a simple act of kindness can be incredibly impactful and far-reaching.

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