Adele's Side-Splitting Concert Proposal: Watch Her Play Cupid for a Fan's Epic Surprise!


British singer Adele recently had a hilarious encounter with a fan during one of her concerts. The singer assisted a fan in proposing to her boyfriend, creating a joyful and heartwarming moment for everyone in attendance.

During the concert in Melbourne, Australia, Adele spotted a young woman named Karleigh proposing to her boyfriend, Wade. The incident occurred while Adele was in the middle of performing one of her hit songs. The singer stopped the music and called the couple up on stage.

Adele's interaction with the couple was filled with comedic banter and genuine warmth. She jokingly asked Karleigh, "You want us all to be quiet for this moment, right? I'm not gonna sing for you and interrupt.


" The crowd erupted into laughter and cheers.

The singer embraced the couple and commented how brave Karleigh was for proposing in front of a crowd. She then took a moment to speak directly to Wade, saying, "That's not even my question! You need to say a proper yes, bruv," which caused more laughter from the audience.

After Adele urged Wade to say yes, he happily agreed, and the crowd erupted into applause, cheering on the newly engaged couple. The singer then congratulated the couple and joked that she would be their "child's godmother." The entire interaction was filled with laughter, joy, and a genuine sense of happiness for the couple.


Adele's knack for creating memorable live experiences and her genuine connection with her fans have become synonymous with her performances. This incident further exemplifies her ability to make a personal and hilarious connection with her audience.

The video of the proposal quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and gaining positive reactions from fans all around the world. Many praised Adele for her down-to-earth and humble nature, as well as her willingness to engage with her fans on such an intimate level.

The British singer has always been known for putting on unforgettable shows, and this particular moment only adds to her legacy.


Adele's ability to create an entertaining and personal atmosphere in her concerts has endeared her to fans worldwide, solidifying her status as one of the most beloved and respected artists of our time.

In conclusion, Adele's involvement in helping a fan propose to her boyfriend during a concert in Australia was a heartwarming and hilarious moment. The singer's comedic banter and genuine warmth created a memorable experience for the couple and the audience. Adele's ability to connect with her fans on a personal level continues to make her concerts unforgettable and endear her to millions of fans worldwide.


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