Leaves Fans Speechless! Lost star Matthew Fox explains why he came out of retirement!


Matthew Fox, the actor known for his role in the hit TV show Lost, has opened up about his decision to return to television after years away. He last appeared on the small screen in 2010 and retired from acting in 2015. However, he will be making a comeback in the upcoming series Last Light, which he also executive produces.

In an interview, Fox revealed that one of the reasons he wanted to return to TV was to experience executive producing. He wanted to be involved in more aspects of the story, rather than just portraying a character. He described it as something that had been haunting him and felt that it was time to take the leap.


Last Light follows the story of a petro-chemist named Andy Yeats, played by Fox, who discovers a critical issue with the world's oil supply while on a mission to the Middle East. He must unravel the mystery while protecting his family, who are separated by the crisis.

Fox was drawn to the backdrop of the story, particularly the oil crisis, and the theme of a separated family trying to reunite. He also expressed his desire to work alongside producer Bill Choi, whom he considers a close friend.

According to director Dennie Gordon, Fox was waiting for a project that had a powerful message worth his time away from his family. Last Light, with its compelling storyline, fit the bill.

The series, which also stars Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey, will be released on September 8 on Peacock in the US. It will be available through Sky and NOW in the UK.


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