"Unjustly Escaped Justice" Joe Rogan Calls Out Will Smith for Insufficient Punishment


In a recent podcast episode, popular comedian Joe Rogan expressed his opinion that actor Will Smith should face legal consequences for his actions. Rogan argued that Smith has not been adequately punished for his past mistakes and suggested that he should be behind bars.

During the podcast, Rogan discussed Smith's involvement in a controversial incident where he allegedly assaulted a reporter who attempted to kiss him without consent. Rogan claimed that Smith's actions were unacceptable and that he should have faced legal repercussions for his behavior.

Rogan further criticized the justice system for not holding celebrities accountable for their actions, stating that their status often allows them to escape punishment.


He emphasized that everyone should be treated equally under the law, regardless of their fame or social standing.

While Rogan acknowledged Smith's talent and success in the entertainment industry, he firmly held the belief that this should not exempt him from the consequences of his actions.

The podcast episode sparked a debate among listeners, with some agreeing with Rogan's viewpoint, while others defended Smith, arguing that he has already faced consequences for his past behavior through public scrutiny and damaged reputation.

In conclusion, Joe Rogan challenged the justice system's handling of celebrity wrongdoing and argued that Will Smith should face legal repercussions for his actions, suggesting that he should be imprisoned as a consequence of his alleged assault on a reporter.


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