Damon Lindelof Regrets ‘Lost’ Not Ending After 4 Seasons — and Wishes Marvel ‘Made Less’ Too!


So, here's the thing. Damon Lindelof, the co-creator of the hit TV series "Lost," recently spilled the beans on what really happened behind the scenes. And let me tell you, it's quite a story.

You see, "Lost" was a show that kept viewers hooked for six seasons, but it wasn't supposed to go on for that long. Lindelof actually wanted to end it after just four seasons, to avoid what he calls the "Gilligan's Island problem," where audiences start getting frustrated. Makes sense, right?

Well, here's where it gets interesting. ABC, the network that aired the show, didn't want to have that conversation.


When they picked up "Lost," they told Lindelof to make 13 episodes and see how it goes. And guess what? It was such a big hit that all talk of ending the show was off the table.

Lindelof tried to reason with them, saying they couldn't keep it up forever. But ABC had other plans—they wanted "Lost" to go on for 10 seasons! After some negotiation, they settled on six seasons, which was a compromise.

But here's the kicker: Lindelof actually wishes they could have done it in just four seasons. He's not one to shy away from going against fan expectations.


In fact, he likes things to end on a high note, unlike many viewers who want their favorite shows to go on forever.

And he's got a point. Nowadays, everyone wants to expand pre-existing franchises like Marvel and "Harry Potter." Lindelof thinks it's a bit much and wishes they would make fewer movies and TV shows, so each one would be more special.

But here's the irony—he's guilty of the same thing. He's working on two "Star Trek" movies and "Prometheus," all of which are part of established franchises.


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