Shocked! As 'Lost' Ends on ABC, Mythology Trumps Mystery!


As the final episode approaches, fans of the television series, "Lost," have been eagerly speculating about what will happen to their beloved characters. However, it is important to step back and evaluate the show as a whole. The first season was undeniably fantastic, with its intriguing mystery, well-directed action scenes, and talented actors. However, subsequent seasons failed to live up to the high standards set by the first.

This decline is typical for many television shows that are centered around solving a specific mystery. In an attempt to keep the story going, the producers of "Lost" introduced more plot points and characters, sacrificing coherence in the process.


What began as a simple tale about plane crash survivors evolved into an allegory about free will and destiny, losing sight of its original charm.

Interestingly, as the show's ratings decreased and it became more convoluted, a core group of viewers emerged who found joy in dissecting every aspect of the show, even its inconsistencies. This new breed of fandom treated understanding the show as a personal responsibility and analyzed every word, image, and in-joke, almost religiously. The rise of "Lost" geekdom was further fueled by social media platforms, resulting in a vast community of viewers who participated in shared commentary and speculation.

Unfortunately, this obsession with deciphering the mythology of "Lost" overshadowed other elements of the show, such as pacing, structure, camerawork, and acting. However, the final season has attempted to appease the fans by providing answers to their burning questions. While this may satisfy some, others would have preferred a simpler and more exciting conclusion.


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