Kevin Hart's Unfiltered Roast of Stephen A. Smith: No Holds Barred Verbal Battle


Comedian Kevin Hart made an appearance on ESPN's First Take and hilariously roasted sports analyst Stephen A. Smith to his face. The episode became instantly popular as fans enjoyed seeing Smith, who is known for his strong opinions and boisterous personality, being on the receiving end of Hart's comedic jabs.

During the show, Hart poked fun at Smith's hairstyle, saying it looked like he was wearing a "mushroom cap." He also took a dig at Smith's suit and tie, claiming that he looked like he was auditioning for a job at a funeral home. Smith, known for his quick comebacks, responded by acknowledging Hart's comedic talent but defended his fashion choices.


The banter between the two continued throughout the episode, with Hart cracking jokes about Smith's basketball skills and questioning his expertise as a sports analyst. Smith, never one to back down, fired back with his own witty remarks.

The video of the humorous exchange quickly went viral, with fans praising Hart for his comedic timing and ability to roast Smith on live television. Many viewers appreciated seeing Smith, who is usually the one dishing out criticism, getting a taste of his own medicine.

Overall, the article highlights the hilarious interaction between Kevin Hart and Stephen A. Smith during a segment on ESPN's First Take. It emphasizes the popularity of the video in capturing Hart's comedic roasting of Smith, which delighted fans.


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