It Was All Worth It! Couple Sees Scared Senior Beagle Running on Side of the Road and Rush to Rescue Her


Like humans, not every dog has the opportunity to live in a world where they have a home to call their own and family to look after them.

It’s a sad reality that some of them are now living alone after being abandoned by their previous pet owners.

Thankfully, there are many people who are also willing to save these dogs from this kind of life. Adri Rachelle recounted the time she and her husband spotted a senior beagle on the side of the street.

The poor dog was alone. Thus, they didn’t hesitate to take it home. The couple also tried to look for its owners.

“There was no collar. There was no microchip,” Adri said.

They didn’t stop there.

They also reached out to some shelters and clinics.


Additionally, they posted about the dog on social media. However, no one came forward.

The couple then took the beagle for a walk in the same area where they found her to see if she had puppies left behind, but they found none.

They thought that she was abandoned because she was old.

Nevertheless, Adri and her husband warmly welcomed Mocha to the family.

At first, they noticed how aloof the dog was. That gave Adri the idea that the beagle was not used to human interaction.

According to her, the dog didn’t even want to look them in the eyes.


She would try to hide her face everywhere she could, such as in little cabinets.

Considering the situation, it was definitely challenging to break down the wall between them.

But that didn’t stop Adri and her husband from coming up with ways to gain the beagle’s trust.

They would give her treats, which helped them get her attention.

They let Mocha mingle with their other dogs, which helped her open up to Adri little by little.

Adri also didn’t rush Mocha and started in little ways, such as sticking her hand out of the door so that the fur baby could sniff and lick it.


It all lasted a few weeks, and it’s commendable how Adri exerted a lot of effort to help their new fur baby in socializing.

It was all worth it.

After all of the weeks of trying to befriend Mocha, she finally opened herself up to the couple.

Adri was so happy when Mocha sat beside her even without offering her some treats. Following that, the adorable beagle learned to love spending time with her.

“She was home.”


This is what Adri happily told The Dodo, and she was right. Mocha found a family who would never abandon or leave her.

Not to mention that she can also hang out with her fellow canines at the animal sanctuary that Adri runs, which is called Wild Things.

An update about Mocha

Just recently, Adri shared Mocha’s adorable pics.

She then captioned it with, “Had Mocha photo requests. She’s living her best senior dog life at the rescue. Sweet as can be, but gets into tons of mischief!”

Her Facebook post received a lot of nice comments, which just shows that many people love Mocha.

Thanks to Adri and her husband for rescuing her and letting her experience all the love she deserves.

Watch the heartwarming video below!

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