David Spade Brushes Off Will Smith's Oscars Snub, Dishes with Chris Rock


In a recent interview with TMZ, actor David Spade shared his thoughts on Will Smith's decision to boycott the Oscars. Spade expressed that he understands Smith's reasons behind the protest and believes it is not a big deal.

Spade stated that he had a conversation with another comedian, Chris Rock, who will be hosting the Oscars this year. According to Spade, Rock is a professional and will handle the situation humorously.

Spade believes that the boycott is a response to the lack of diversity in the nominations, specifically the absence of African-American actors. However, he also commented that boycotting the Oscars may not necessarily be the most effective way to address the issue.


Spade further explained that diversity should not be forced upon the Academy, and that individuals should focus on being recognized for their talent rather than their race.

Despite Smith's decision, Spade stated that he will be attending the awards ceremony. He believes it is important to support his fellow actors and show solidarity in the industry.

In conclusion, Spade understands Smith's reasons for boycotting the Oscars, but believes it is not a major issue. He trusts that Chris Rock will handle the situation with humor and professionalism. Spade also suggests that the focus should be on talent rather than race, and that attending the awards ceremony to support fellow actors is essential.


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