Days of our Lives Comings & Goings: Final Story for Victor Months after John Aniston Death?


There is speculation about the fate of the character Victor Kiriakis on the popular soap opera "Days of our Lives" following the death of actor John Aniston. Fans of the show are wondering how the show will handle Victor's storyline and if there will be a final story for the character.

John Aniston, who has been portraying Victor Kiriakis for many years, passed away recently, leading to questions about the future of his character on the show. Some fans are concerned that there may not be a proper send-off for Victor or a storyline that gives closure to his character.


However, it is uncertain how the show's producers will address John Aniston's death and the fate of Victor Kiriakis. There have been no official announcements or details regarding this matter. It is possible that the show may choose to retire the character or recast the role with a new actor.

Fans of "Days of our Lives" are eager to know how Victor's story will be concluded, and many hope that the character will be given a fitting farewell. They have a deep emotional connection with the character and have invested years watching his journey on the show.

As of now, viewers will have to wait for more information from the show's producers to understand how the story will unfold and if there will be a proper ending for Victor Kiriakis.


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