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Happy Ending!!! The Stray Kitten Returned to the Man Who Had Been Kind to Him and Found A FAOREVER Home

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Michael Day, a Chicago-based artist, was working on his spray paint painting outside his home.
When he turned back, he was surprised to discover a little ball of fur sitting on his garden bricks, looking at him with interest.

Michael had rescued stray animals in the area before, but this was his first encounter with an alley cat.
“I assumed he needed food and drink, so I provided both. We had a cat, so there was enough of food “Love Meow was informed by Michael.

He continued painting with the kitty perched atop the blocks as his purr-fect audience.

When Michael went back to seek for him, the cat had already vanished. He couldn’t get the thought out of his head and decided to leave some food and drink outdoors that night.

While he was painting the next evening, he heard a little meow – it was his old buddy, the ginger kitten, who had returned to see him.

Perhaps the small alley cat had been wandering around the neighborhood by himself, looking for the proper place to call home.

Michael felt it was meant to be when he approached his human buddy and asked for affection.

“He approached me and allowed me to take him up and hold him. He sat on my shoulder, too “Michael told Love Meow about it. “That’s when I realized he’d picked me.”

Michael and his family named the little boy Oliver Gibbs Malley  after him. At his new home that night, the ginger boy snuggled with his lifelong human on his shoulder.

At the clinic, the kitten was assessed to be approximately three months old. Despite his little size, he is full of activity and IS fascinated by everything he saw.

O’Malley would perch on Michael’s shoulder whenever he had the chance, monitoring him while observing the room.

Everyone O’Malley encountered was pleasant. He was immediately smitten by Destiny, the family Golden Retriever, and insisted on spending all of his time with her.

“He’s really inquisitive and curious. He’ll attempt to get into whatever you leave open “Michael went on to say.

The former alley cat has reached adulthood and will age three this summer.

“He’s been the most active creature in the house, jumping around and climbing on everything.”

The ginger cat claims everything in the home that he can get his paws on.

O’Malley doesn’t hesitate to get on Michael’s father’s lap for a hug whenever he relaxes in his chair.

He likes spending time on the couch with his canine sister.

“He’s a wonderful guy,” Michael remarked, “and I wouldn’t ask for a different pet.”

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