revolved around Charlie Harper (played by ), a promiscuous jingle writer whose brother, Alan Harper, and nephew, Jake Harper, move into his Malibu beach house after Alan’s wife filed for divorce. Over the first eight seasons, many famous women played Charlie Sheen's love interests, but where are they now?

Melanie Lynskey played Charlie's neighbor, Rose in She had a relationship with Charlie and later became obsessed with him. She is frequently scene climbing over the balcony and into Charlie's house.

in a recurring role in . She is first introduced in season 3 as one of Charlie Harper's flings but soon starts dating his brother Alan. Her character appears dim-witted but actually manages to get a good deal out of her divorce.

Leanne is the bartender at Pavlov's who is there to give Charlie Harper advice on . It's hinted at throughout the show that the pair hook up. She revealed she turned her life around after waking up in Charlie's bed with a cab fare taped to her head.

Lucy Lawless starred as Pamela in a 2005 episode of . In the season 2 episode, Charlie Harper pretends to be gay when attending a party hosted by an ad executive. While at the party, he meets Lawless' character and tries to sleep with her without the executive knowing he is straight.

Charlie Sheen's then-wife appeared on the show as Lisa in seasons 1 and 2. She was Charlie Harper's ex, who formally lived with him before the show until he refused to commit, and they broke up. They try to rekindle their relationship in season 2, but it doesn't work out.