Wobbly Cat is Excited to Have Tripod Kitten as Family and Decides They'll Never Be Apart


A wobbly cat was excited to have a tripod kitten as family and decided that they would never be apart.

A kitten named Bibby was found outside a house with a damaged front leg and brought to (in OR) for help.

At around two months old, Bibby became an amputee but was always in good spirits. He quickly bounced back on his three paws, and just wanted to be adored.

Kayla who works for the rescue, fell head over heels for the little tripod when he tugged at her heartstrings one day.


"When I came back to work on Monday, he was there. He basically just slept on my lap most of the day," Kayla shared with Love Meow.

She couldn't stop thinking about the kitten who bears a resemblance to her wobbly cat, Mr. Beesley. "On Tuesday, I decided he just had to come home with me, and I'm so happy he did."

Mr. Beesley has Cerebellar Hypoplasia (also known as Wobbly Syndrome), but it doesn't slow him down at all. Soon after Bibby arrived, the wobbly cat was eager to meet him.

"Bibby and Mr. Beesley met through the door for the first time that night, sticking paws under the door," Kayla told Love Meow.


He was ecstatic about having another feline friend in the house, and hopped and pounced at the door, trying to play with Bibby. The little tripod was very intrigued and went on to "hold hands" with Mr. Beesley through the gap.

"They weren't hissing or growling and immediately started playing through the door."

After a few days of acclimating to each other's scents, Kayla decided it was time for a proper meet-and-greet.


She left the door opened and placed Bibby in a carrier.

Watch the two best friends in this cute video:

Mr. B. announced himself with loud meows as he strutted into the room in a few strides. He looked around and noticed a little fluffy friend in the carrier waiting for him.

After a thorough inspection of the carrier, their noses finally locked. As soon as the carrier door was open, Bibby greeted his buddy with head bumps and purrs.

"The first time they had supervised time together, they started sniffing each other's noses and grooming each other.



"Mr. Beesley loves to play with Bibby. Sometimes he gets a little too excited and just won't let Bibby leave or take a break," Kayla told Love Meow.

They like to run around the house and chase after anything that moves. They enjoy watching each other play and take turns with their toys.

Bibby doesn't mind his big brother's unbridled energy. When it's time to recharge, he will make his way onto Kayla's lap and nestle in for a nap.


"I love how Mr. B. will just watch Bibby and smile and purr. It's the cutest thing. They do so good taking turns when they both want to play."

The two brothers from different mothers not only look alike, but they complement one another perfectly.

Now, the sweet wobbly boy will always have a friend to wrestle, zoom around the house, and watch TV with every day.

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