Pharmacist Sees Stray Dog At The Door And Realizes She's Asking For Help!

Banu Cengiz, a pharmacist and dog lover from Turkey, provides a cozy little oasis in front of her pharmacy for homeless dogs. One day, a dog stood expectantly at her door, bleeding from a small cut on her paw. Cengiz welcomed the dog in and cleaned the wound with antiseptic, gave her antibiotics, food, water, and use of a dog bed she kept inside. The dog appeared to understand Cengiz's good intentions and acted like the perfect patient.

Cengiz's pharmacy served as a recovery area for the dog to rest in peace, and by closing time, the dog was on the mend. Cengiz wished she could take her home, but she has been dealing with street animals for years, feeding them, healing them, and helping them find homes when possible. 

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