Lainey Wilson's Approach to Friendship Fallouts + Her Daily Practice for Staying Centered


Country singer Lainey Wilson opens up about the importance of friendship and staying grounded in a recent interview. She begins by discussing the difficult experience of going through a friendship breakup, emphasizing that it can be just as painful as a romantic breakup. Wilson believes that when friendships end, it is important to remember that it was not necessarily due to a personal failure, but rather that people grow apart over time.

Wilson shares that when it comes to her personal growth, she relies on a daily trick to stay grounded. She explains that each day, she consciously thinks about what she is grateful for, whether it is big or small. This practice helps her maintain a positive mindset and appreciate the little things in life.


Additionally, Wilson emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people. She believes that having a strong support system helps individuals stay motivated and focused, especially in the challenging music industry. Wilson reveals that she is grateful for her friends and family who have supported her throughout her journey.

In terms of her career, Wilson discusses the inspiration behind her music. She aims to create songs that resonate with others and provide a sense of realness and relatability. Wilson acknowledges that the music industry can sometimes be demanding and exhausting, but her love for music keeps her going.

Overall, Wilson encourages individuals to prioritize their well-being and surround themselves with positive influences. She believes that staying grounded and being grateful are key to achieving happiness and success in life.


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