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Men Wanted to Adopt a Siamese Kitten But Instead Were Chosen By a Lovely Blind Cat Thought He was Perfect Cats, as lovely as they are, can be fussy at times. Although most cats get love from people as a result of their friendship, a select number do so because of their aristocratic but charming attitude. The gloomy cat we know is one of them, but he should be happy that his “likeliness” has now been increased.

Meow Meow is currently living in Taiwan with her owner, Clare. Even while she’s in the vet’s office, the huge fluff exudes grace. Her hate personality, on the other hand, does not make her any less lovely.


Clare declared her kitten to be unique in her own way. She may dislike her circumstances, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t a nice cat.

Meow Meow was abandoned for an unknown cause, according to Clare, but the previous owner had no idea the small kitten had such a large personality and loves so much.

Meow Meow’s tenderness comes from her devotion to her owner. Every morning, she rubs her mother and demands breakfast in a way that no one can resist.


She is, however, a fussy eater. Even though she has tried a variety of canned foods, Meow Meow has only one favorite.

Meow Meow is equally as loving as any kitty, despite his gloomy appearance. Meow Meow would be lovely even if she didn’t have the inclined fur around her eyes.

The cat is content in her own world, sitting by the window in her usual location. She even understands how to adjust the curtains to have a better look.

The peevish expression doesn’t make Meow Meow any less adorable. If you happen to run into her, don’t be afraid to give her a cheek rub.


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