T.D. Jakes's Son Confirms Rumors: Is the Pastor Officially Arrested?


According to a recent article, there have been rumors circulating about the arrest of renowned pastor T.D. Jakes. The rumors gained momentum after his son confirmed them. However, it is important to note that there is no official confirmation of T.D. Jakes' arrest at this time.

The rumors started spreading on social media platforms, claiming that the pastor had been arrested. These allegations gained credibility when Jakes' son mentioned them in a tweet. The son's tweet mentioned that his father had been taken into custody, but he did not provide any specific details or reasons for the arrest.

Despite the son's tweet, it is crucial to approach this news with caution and wait for official confirmation.


As of now, no news outlet or law enforcement agency has confirmed T.D. Jakes' arrest. It is possible that the rumors are unfounded or based on misinformation.

T.D. Jakes is a well-known figure in the religious community and has a significant following. His influential status may have contributed to the rapid spread of these rumors. However, it is important to verify any information before accepting it as true.

In conclusion, the rumors surrounding T.D. Jakes' arrest have gained attention after his son mentioned them on social media. However, there is no official confirmation or credible news source reporting his arrest. It is essential to wait for accurate information before drawing any conclusions.


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