13 Strange Reasons Why Chihuahuas Lick Each Other’s Eyes

Dogs lick each other's eyes for various reasons, including showing affection, grooming, appeasement, communication, taste, comfort, play invitation, greeting, being a parent, cleaning wounds, puppy hunger, and bonding.

To Show Affection: Dogs lick each other's eyes as a way of expressing love and bond with one another.

To Groom Each Other: Licking helps dogs clean dirt, debris, and eye boogers from each other's eyes, promoting personal hygiene.

To Appease: Dogs may lick another dog's eyes to show respect and submission, indicating they don't want to cause trouble.

To Communicate: Licking each other's eyes can be a form of communication, signaling trust, attention-seeking, dominance, or submission.

Taste: Dogs are attracted to the salty flavor of tears and may lick each other's eyes to taste them, especially in dogs with tear stains or watery eyes.

Comfort: Dogs may lick each other's eyes to provide comfort and reassurance when one dog is scared, stressed, or anxious.

Play Invitation: Licking each other's eyes can be an invitation to play, indicating friendliness and a strong bond between dogs.

Greeting: Dogs often greet each other by licking the eyes and muzzle, communicating status and sharing information about each other.

Obsessive Disorder: Excessive eye licking could indicate obsessive-compulsive disorder or anxiety in one or both dogs, requiring veterinary or behavioral intervention.

Being a Parent: Mother dogs lick their puppies' eyes to cleanse them, remove dirt, and provide comfort and protection.

To Clean Wounds: Dogs may lick each other's eyes to clean wounds or cuts, aiding in healing and preventing infection.

Puppy Hunger: Puppies may lick another dog's eyes to seek attention and ask for food, mimicking the behavior they exhibit with their mother.

Bonding: Licking each other's eyes strengthens the bond between dogs, fostering trust and comfort.

It's important to observe your dog's behavior and consult a veterinarian or animal behaviorist if you notice excessive eye licking or any concerning behaviors.

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