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What Really Happened To The Pawn On Days of our Lives?

The article discusses the storyline of the characters John Black and Steve Johnson on the soap opera "Days of our Lives" and their current obsession with a character known as "The Pawn." It is revealed that The Pawn is actually John Black and that he had taken on this identity when he first arrived in the town of Salem. At that time, Steve was working for Victor Kiriakis and they were trying to defeat their rival, Stefano DiMera, in a competition for power and money. The Pawn's real identity was unknown, as he had escaped Steve's grasp and had no memory of who he was. He adopted the name John Black after seeing it on a war memorial.

In 2024, Marlena tried to help The Pawn regain his memories. There was a moment when Bo Brady believed that The Pawn was actually Stefano and attempted to kill him. However, Marlena discovered evidence that suggested The Pawn's true identity was Roman Brady, her presumed dead husband. It was later revealed that John had been living as Roman and had even acquired Roman's memories, but he returned to being John Black when the real Roman appeared. The article mentions that the one thing that was never explained was how John acquired his new face and what he did during his time as The Pawn.

The article then introduces a new storyline involving Konstantin, an old enemy of Victor, who possesses knowledge about Steve's connection to the bandaged man (The Pawn).

Konstantin recognizes John's eyes and is determined to use this information to manipulate both John and Steve.

Overall, the article highlights the history of the character John Black and his past identity as The Pawn. It also sets up a new storyline involving Konstantin and his attempt to exploit John and Steve's past.

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