So Amazing! Watch This Bird’s Unbelievable Transformation During Mating Dance You Had No Idea!

Mating rituals in the animal kingdom can be weird. But the supreme bird-of-paradise’s dance might be the most insane.

The superb bird-of-paradise is a member of the bird-of paradise family can be found in the forests of New Guinea. Competition for mating is especially high due to the unusually low population of females. So males must do whatever than can to woo them, including transforming into a bird-emoji hybrid, apparently. Most females reject up to 20 males before they decide to settle down, putting a lot of pressure on males to perfect their dance.

Even though it is hunted for its colorful feathers, it is a relatively common bird in the area, and easy to spot due to its.

When a male is ready to mate during the mating season, he prepares a  where he will perform before he even calls for a female. He clears an area and even has been observed to use leaves to smooth out the dirt floor.

When a female arrives, things get really weird.

The male folds back his feathers to surround his bright blue breast shield, creating a ellipse-shaped, UFO-like frontal view. He then dances and hops around, making a snapping noise by hitting his tail feathers together.