How To Trap Cats – Trapping Kittens


A few days ago we were at the country side where we found a cat mother together with her two kittens who were just abandoned there in the village. We managed to catch the cat mother and one of the kittens but it was impossible to catch the second kitten who was too scared.

We needed a cat trap for this and we didn’t have it with us. So now we are going back there. In the meantime we were informed that there were actually three kittens, not only two abandoned just that the third one was hiding when we were there and we didn’t see him.

Now he is hiding in the yard of a neighbour with some chickens. We are going now prepared with two trap cages and we hope to catch both of them. Mission accomplished!

We caught both of the kittens. We are now going back home. With one of them it was a little difficult because he didn’t trigger the trap immediately. But we waited and with a little patience he was finally trapped. Now let’s hope that they are both healthy. I am going to make them ready for the adoption and find them the homes that they deserve.


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