Here’s Proof That Being A Cat Lover May Improve Your Chances At A Happily Ever After


A recent survey conducted by Cats Protection revealed that people consider it more important for a partner to be cat-friendly than to have a nice car or their own home. Out of the 1,000 participants, 25.7% said that it was important for a partner to be a cat lover, while only 15.6% felt that owning a nice car was a priority, and 25% thought it was essential for a significant other to have their own home.

 The survey also found that having a close relationship with someone's pet could make individuals more inclined to date that person for a longer period of time. Additionally, 60.5% of participants believed that having a pet could enhance their relationships with partners and family. 

These findings indicate that being a cat lover may give individuals an advantage in the dating game. What are your thoughts?


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