Heartwarming Moment!Therapy Dog Who Comforted Pandemic Hospital Workers Receives Honorary 'Dogtorate'

Loki, a therapy dog from Maryland, has been awarded a "dogtorate" for going above and beyond during her training at the University of Maryland-Baltimore. Under her mom's guidance, Dr. Caroline Benzel, Loki learned how to provide relief to hospital patients while attending medical school. She even helped deliver "hero healing kits" to nurses during the pandemic, raising over $70,000 and delivering over 4,000 kits. The University of Maryland Medical Center expanded their therapy dog program after seeing the impact of Loki and Dr. Benzel. Despite being a Rottweiler, often considered intimidating, Loki shows that anyone can be kind and make a difference. Now, Loki will continue her work as a therapy dog while her mom begins her residency at West Virginia University.

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