Will Smith confronts Marlon Wayans over allegations of him being the reincarnation of 2Pac.

In a recent incident, Will Smith confronted Marlon Wayans after Wayans referred to him as the "ghost of 2Pac." The confrontation took place during an interview on a popular radio show, where Wayans made the comment in response to a question about Smith's rapping skills.

The incident began when the radio host asked Wayans if he thought Smith could have been a successful rapper like 2Pac. In his response, Wayans joked that Smith is like the "ghost of 2Pac" because he had a few hit songs but is mainly known for his acting career. This comment seemed to have struck a nerve with Smith, who immediately called Wayans out on it.

During the confrontation, which quickly became tense, Smith demanded an explanation for Wayans' comment. Wayans argued that it was just a joke and not meant to be taken seriously, but Smith appeared to be genuinely offended. He stated that he has put a lot of effort into his music career and should be respected for it.

The incident ended with Wayans apologizing to Smith, saying that he did not mean to offend him and that he has always been a fan of Smith's work. Smith seemed to accept the apology, but the tension between the two remained.

This incident highlights the sensitivity that artists can have regarding their craft and the impact that words can have on them. It also serves as a reminder that respect should be shown for the hard work and dedication that artists put into their various creative endeavors.

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