Sweet moment pet cat quietly stays inside his student owner's desk after she secretly brought him into class

  It is really love cats that a moment do not want to separate with them! When a college student had to go to class one day,her manchken cat, began to rub him, seemingly hoping that the owner would not go out. However, the pet owner,wouldn't let her leave home without him, so he made a brave decision.

  In order not to be separated with his pet cat, Wen smuggled it into the classroom and put it in an empty drawer to accompany him in class. How crazy!

After hiding the Munchkin inside her desk, he captured the sweet scene as his cat is seen lying obediently, apparently trying his best to stay under the radar.It is really very healing to see such a picture in class!

  With a cat in class is really a very happy thing, for every cat have their own personality, if your cat is timid to strangers, it is better do not force them to go out ~ The most important thing is that even if the cat is willing to go out, remember to  help them tied on a leash, in case they run away!

  The amusing moment amassed over 300 million views after owner shared this video on the Internet.

  One viewer said: 'Oh my god, does he realise how adorable he is?'

  Another user replied: 'Look at those big, curious eyes! He is studying hard as well.'

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