‘Sailor Cat’ Lives Incredible Life on Boat, Captures Hearts with Adventurous Spirit


Meet Rusty, an adventurous sailor cat living an incredible life at sea!

Rusty was adopted by his parents, Mileena and Samuel, when he was just nine weeks old.

“We named him Rusty because he’s a flame point siamese mix with a splash of orange on his coat,” said Mileena on TikTok.

Rusty’s new family didn’t waste any time introducing him to boat life.

“We set sail for the Bahamas the day after we adopted him,” said Mileena.


He loves spending time on the boat because it’s a wonderland of exciting smells and places to explore!

“The boat has so many nooks and crannies for him to play in,” said Mileena. “It’s basically his jungle gym.”

This tiny world explorer is living out our childhood dreams through his action-packed adventures.

“Lil’ Rust” even has a shark and sailor costume to strut the boat in style.

When he’s not on the boat keeping an eye out for pirates, Rusty is exploring deserted islands and sparring with lobsters.


He especially loves snacking on the fresh seafood his mom and dad catch.

This kitty can’t get enough quality time with his parents, whether it be on the boat or on the beach.

Rusty isn’t your average cat– he loves water!

When Mileena first posted a video of Rusty on TikTok, many people were shocked that he roams the boat freely.

When asked how he doesn’t fall overboard, Mileena responded, “Cats are super smart and very agile. It’s never even been a close call for him.”


However, Rusty’s parents have put him through overboard training in the event of an accident or emergency.

“If he does fall off, there are lines on the sides of the boat where he can climb right back up,” said Mileena.

Life on a boat has its perks, but it can get a little toasty in hot temperatures.

However, Rusty’s parents make sure he stays healthy and hydrated.

“When it gets hot on board, Rusty likes to be splashed with water,” said Mileena.


After a long day of exploring, he’ll lounge in his favorite position: “the dead cockroach”.

He basically flops over on his back and exposes his belly to relax.

When Mileena first posted a video of her adorable sailor cat on TikTok, she was met with love and support from millions of people all over the world.

Rusty was an instant internet sensation.

This little sailor is breaking the “lazy cat” stereotype with his incredible lifestyle!

Rusty’s parents plan on posting a video about overboard training for anyone interested in taking their cat on boat adventures.


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