Ends Up Saving His Life!Kind Person Comes to the Rescue of Kitten Bolting in and out of Bushes

Sarah Isom received a call about a distressed stray kitten on a university campus. When she arrived, the kitten had disappeared. Determined to find him, Sarah searched the area and eventually spotted him hiding in the bushes. The kitten would playfully dart away each time she approached, but Sarah persisted.

After multiple attempts, the kitten hid behind an HVAC unit before making a final dash into a car's wheel well. Sarah managed to snatch him and hold him close. The kitten, named Cole, was estimated to be around five weeks old and weighed less than a pound. He was covered in fleas and dirt but received proper care and treatment.

Cole devoured his food and began purring once he felt safe. Sarah discovered that he had consumed foliage to survive while outside. With good food and plenty of TLC, Cole blossomed. He sought affection, snuggled with Sarah, kneaded happily, and purred himself to sleep.

Despite his small size, Cole had a loud and commanding voice, never shy about expressing his opinions. He was curious, playful, and enjoyed interacting with the resident cats. He was also learning how to navigate his relationship with the resident dog.

Although Cole gave Sarah quite a chase during the rescue, he thrived in foster care, growing bigger and more playful every day. He found comfort in curling up with Sarah for snuggles after energetic play sessions.

Sarah's determination to save the little stray paid off, and now Cole enjoys a life of safety, being carried around and exploring the world under loving care.

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