Paris Hilton's Beloved Chihuahua Dead at 23: 'Words Cannot Express the Immense Pain I'm Feeling Right Now'

Paris Hilton is mourning the loss of her 23-year-old chihuahua, Harajuku B----. She shared a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, calling Harajuku her "loyal friend" and "family." Hilton has always been a devoted pet owner, previously speaking about her love for her 17 pets, including dogs, cats, a miniature pig and pony, and bunnies. She also said goodbye to Tinkerbell, another beloved chihuahua, in 2015. The reality-star-turned-entrepreneur's pets are known mini-fashionistas who lived in their own lavish "mini-doggie mansion." Hilton's eulogy to Harajuku concludes with a message of gratitude and eternal love for her "little angel."

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