The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Thursday, January 11, 2024)


On a dinner date in the Athletic Club dining room, Adam proposed a toast to himself and Sally. Sally mentioned her guilt over Nick and Adam's broken relationship, but Adam assured her that it had been damaged long before she entered the picture. They decided to have chocolate truffles in Sally's suite to continue their evening.

Meanwhile, in the Newman office, Nick and Victor discussed their business, Newman Real Adventures, and were happy about Nick and Adam working together as co-CEOs. Victoria entered and thanked Nick for covering for her, but was surprised to learn that Nick and Adam were now co-CEOs.


She mentioned her concerns about Claire's well-being and asked for a favor to take her to visit Jordan in prison. Nikki interrupted and strongly disagreed with the idea.

Victoria explained that Claire was struggling and needed closure. Nikki remained resistant due to the danger of Jordan's influence. Despite the family's divided opinions, Victor reluctantly agreed to provide the company jet and a security team.

In her office, Nikki struggled with her alcohol addiction but managed to put away her flask. She left her office visibly upset. In Victor's office, Victoria pleaded for support in helping Claire with her recovery.


Nikki firmly denied her request, citing Jordan's villainous actions against their family. Victoria argued that it was necessary for Claire's healing and begged Victor for assistance. Victor agreed to provide the resources, causing tension between Nikki and Victoria.

Later, Nikki sat alone in her office and gave in to her addiction, drinking from her flask. Victor attempted to enter her office but found the door locked and left when there was no response. Nikki continued to drink.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria confided in Nate about Claire's troubled past. She revealed that Jordan had raised Claire to hate the Newmans and now, Claire wanted to confront Jordan.


Nate expressed support for Claire's healing and suggested that facing Jordan could be a step toward closure. Victoria appreciated his understanding and missed their partnership.

Victoria asked if their past had destroyed their connection, as Nate had previously objected to Victor's hold on her. Nate acknowledged his feelings but assured her that he would always be there for her as a friend. After their conversation, Nate left.

Back at the Athletic Club, Sally and Adam celebrated their successful day with Victor. Nick joined them, and despite some initial awkwardness, assured Adam that their relationship was still intact.


Meanwhile, Nikki stumbled into the club, avoiding Nick, and sat in an alcove. When Nick received a call, she left the alcove, bumped into Lauren, and slurred her grievances about her family. Lauren attempted to help Nikki, but Nikki insisted on not going home.

Lauren took Nikki to a suite, where Nikki confessed her addiction and loneliness. Lauren promised to support her but warned Nikki about the consequences of her actions. Nikki received a phone call from Victor, which Lauren answered, lying to him about Nikki's whereabouts. Nikki expressed her frustration with Victor's constant calls and felt alone.

In Sally's suite, Adam and Sally kissed passionately and began to undress, continuing their date.

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