Angus Cloud Represented the Promise of ‘Euphoria’


Remember that iconic scene in the third episode of "Euphoria" where Rue, played by Zendaya, desperately knocks on Fezco's door? That scene became the show's calling card, showcasing the intense emotions and raw talent of both actors. Fezco, portrayed by Angus Cloud, is not just Rue's drug dealer, but also one of her oldest friends. In a heart-wrenching moment, Fez refuses to help Rue, knowing that giving her drugs would mean helping her kill herself.

Despite having no prior acting experience, Cloud nails this dramatic scene with a natural and lived-in quality. His bright blue eyes speak volumes, conveying the internal conflict his character feels over the consequences of his actions.


It's these authentic performances from amateur actors like Cloud and Hunter Schafer that blur the lines between fiction and reality, making "Euphoria" shine.

Cloud never believed that he was simply playing himself on TV, brushing off the assumption that acting was easy. In an interview about the Season 2 premiere, Cloud shared the challenges of acting in front of a large production team and cameras, making it clear that it takes skill and dedication to appear natural onscreen.

Offscreen, Cloud was known for his playful personality, regularly live-tweeting during episodes and teasing fans about a potential romance between Fez and Lexi. His interviews often went viral, capturing a unique mix of candor and mystery. Despite his rising fame, Cloud remained humble, never revealing his birthday to avoid judgment based on his Zodiac sign.


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