Meet Fenrir, The World’s Tallest Living Cat & All-Around Handsome Gentleman |

Fenrir the Savannah cat has recently been crowned the tallest living cat by Guinness World Records. Savannah cats are known for their large size, but Fenrir stands out with a height of 18.83 inches. However, it's not just his height that sets him apart, but also his big heart. Fenrir works as a therapy cat in his owner's medical practice, spreading love and comfort to patients.

Fenrir may look like a wild cat, but he is actually a people-cat who loves to shower everyone he meets with affection. As a therapy cat, he follows his owner, Dr. William Powers, from room to room, hopping up on the exam table to make patients feel safe and comfortable. Patients often request to have Fenrir in the room with them, proving his popularity and the positive impact he has on people's well-being.

Not only does Fenrir provide therapy to humans, but he also helps his fellow felines. Dr. Powers, who used to be the president of a cat shelter, still works with rescues in the area. Fenrir contributes by posing for photos that raise money for shelters. Despite his impressive Guinness World Record title, Dr. Powers is prouder of Fenrir's loving nature than anything else.

Fenrir comes from a family of fine record-holding felines. His older brother, Arcturus, held the title for tallest cat before him, standing at an impressive 19.05 inches. Tragically, Arcturus died in a house fire that almost claimed Dr. Powers' life as well. Another cat in their family, Cygnus, once held the record for the longest tail on a domestic cat. Now, Cygnus's brother, Altair, holds that record.

Alongside Fenrir and Altair, Dr. Powers takes care of four other cats. He has created a cat oasis for his clowder, ensuring that each cat gets one-on-one time with him to live their best lives. Dr. Powers also cooks gourmet meals for his cats, including ground-up pig bones, raw chicken, slow-cooked meats, krill oil, and multivitamins and supplements.

Fenrir is described as a big and silly cat who loves to play. He gets the zoomies and runs around carrying toys in his mouth. Despite his playful nature, he is a gentle giant who loves people and is perfectly content being held like a baby by complete strangers. Fenrir not only represents the Savannah breed but also helps raise funds for various Detroit cat shelters.

To keep up with Fenrir and Dr. Powers, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Their heartwarming story showcases the amazing bond between animals and humans and the positive impact they can have on each other's lives.

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