Adele Expresses Desire for Another Baby Soon, Rich Paul Already Chooses a Name


In a recent interview with E! News, singer Adele revealed her desire to become a mother for the second time and even shared that she already has a name picked out with her boyfriend, Rich Paul. The Grammy-winning artist expressed her joy and excitement at the prospect of expanding her family and becoming a mom again soon.

During the interview, Adele discussed her upcoming album and how her priorities have shifted since becoming a mother to her son, Angelo, who is now eight years old. She expressed that being a parent is the most important role in her life and that she wants to experience that joy and fulfillment once more.


Adele and Rich Paul have been in a relationship since July 2021, and it seems that things are progressing well for the couple. Adele's fans have eagerly embraced her new love interest, and hearing her express her desire to have another child has only added to the excitement surrounding her personal life.

While Adele did not disclose when exactly she plans to have another child, her openness about the topic has generated speculation among her fans. Many are eagerly awaiting any updates regarding her relationship and family plans.

As the singer continues to work on her highly anticipated album, she remains focused on her role as a mother and her desire to expand her family. Adele's fans can look forward to more heartfelt and powerful music in the near future, while also keeping an eye out for any baby news from the singer and her boyfriend, Rich Paul.


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