Ed Sheeran and Adele's EPIC Album Rivalry: A Side-Splitting Reaction | E! News


In a recent interview, Adele, the renowned British singer, had a hilarious reaction when asked about the competition between her album and Ed Sheeran's. Adele, known for her incredible sense of humor, responded in a lighthearted manner, dismissing any notion of rivalry.

During the interview, Adele jokingly stated that she would gladly "shave her head and release a dance album next time," if that meant she could match Sheeran's success. She emphasized that her connection with Sheeran was strong and that she was genuinely happy for his achievements.

Adele's amusing reaction showcases her friendly and supportive nature, as she sent her love to Sheeran and his phenomenal album. Her response highlights the love and camaraderie that exists within the music industry, despite the constant comparisons and competition.


It is not surprising that Adele took a humorous approach to the matter, as she has always been known for her infectious laughter and witty personality. Known for being down-to-earth, Adele has been open about her own insecurities and has never shied away from expressing her admiration for her fellow artists.

Ultimately, Adele's hilarious reaction to the competition between her and Sheeran is a testament to her genuine and positive attitude. She remains a beloved figure in the music industry, not just for her incredible talent, but also for her ability to uplift and support her peers.


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