“You are a lousy actor”: Don Rickles’ Grave Insult For Clint Eastwood Even Took Jim Carrey By Surprise!


During the 1996 AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony, actor Don Rickles took the opportunity to roast Clint Eastwood, much to the surprise of the audience. Rickles, known for his sharp wit, didn't hold back as he playfully insulted the iconic Western actor.

Rickles began by mentioning their previous collaboration in the 1970 war comedy film, Kelly's Heroes. He then humorously criticized Eastwood's acting skills, stating, "Clint, I say with due respect, 28 years ago we did Kelly’s Heroes and I heard from you since. Clint, I say it, nobody else has said it, and I say it from my heart, you’re a lousy actor."


The unexpected roast elicited laughter from the audience, including host Jim Carrey, who couldn't contain his amusement. Despite the playful insult, Rickles concluded by congratulating Eastwood on his achievement and showing his utmost respect.

Kelly's Heroes, one of Eastwood's earlier attempts at comedy, follows the story of Pvt. Kelly, who learns of a stash of gold worth millions of dollars hidden on enemy territory during World War II. Encouraged by the information, Kelly leads a group of soldiers on a mission to claim the treasure for themselves.

Although Rickles' insult may have taken Eastwood by surprise, it was all in good fun, showcasing the camaraderie and humor among Hollywood's legendary actors.


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