Big-Hearted Dog Has Special Knack For Comforting Scared Foster Puppies


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When Kristen Lee met her dog, Remi, three years ago, she immediately knew that they were family.

“It's like we were meant to find each other,” Lee told The Dodo. “He had the biggest head I've ever seen, and I just loved him.”

Initially, Lee assumed that Remi would always be an only child. The big boy, who loved people, was nervous around other adult dogs. But when she moved to a house with a bigger yard, Lee felt compelled to foster puppies through . She’d always wanted to help puppies like these — ones who’d been


and desperately needed love and support.

When the first foster puppy arrived, Lee was very careful, making sure both Remi and the puppy felt comfortable. But when Remi met the puppy, he wasn’t fearful or territorial at all. It was as if he knew that the puppy needed an .

“When I decided I wanted to try fostering with him, I was incredibly nervous,” Lee said. “The first time I brought in a puppy, we introduced them super [slowly], but he seemed to immediately know that this puppy needed to be protected and cared for.


I never expected him to love them the way he does.”

As months went by and foster puppies continued to cycle through the house, Lee was fascinated to see how much the puppies relied on Remi for companionship. She could tell that they adored him and wanted to be just like him. In fact, all of the puppies picked up on one Remi mannerism in particular.

“The puppies tend to pick up a lot of Remi’s habits,” Lee said. “Things like potty training and the weird way he sits. Every foster we've had ends up sitting like him, with their legs poking out to the side.


Though he’s much larger than his foster friends, Remi is always careful when they’re playing, making sure he never accidentally hurts them.

“He is so gentle when he plays with them,” Lee said. “You wouldn't expect it based on how big he is. I love when he yawns and the curious puppies stick their heads right inside his mouth.”

Lee is so grateful to have a dog like Remi, who’s proven to be both the perfect pet and the perfect partner in her foster journey.

“I definitely think fostering would be so much harder without him,” Lee said. “He is such a great role model for the puppies.”

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