EXCLUSIVE: Yolanda Foster Weighs in on Gigi Hadid Dating Zayn Malik!

In an exclusive interview, Yolanda Foster, mother of supermodel Gigi Hadid, has shared her thoughts on her daughter's relationship with singer Zayn Malik. Foster, who is a reality TV star and former model herself, expressed her support for the couple and her happiness for her daughter.

Addressing speculations about the couple's future, Foster acknowledged that relationships in the public eye understandably attract attention and scrutiny. However, she expressed confidence in her daughter's ability to navigate these challenges due to her maturity and strong character.

Foster also praised Malik, describing him as a "wonderful human being" and commending his talent as a singer.

She highlighted Malik's kindness and manners, emphasizing how he treats her daughter with love and respect. Foster referred to their relationship as "beautiful" and expressed gratitude that Gigi and Zayn found each other.

Furthermore, Foster revealed that she had formed a close bond with Malik's mother, Trisha. This connection deepened their understanding and support for their children's relationship. Foster emphasized the importance of having a united front, showing love and support for their children's choices.

In addition to discussing their relationship, Foster also touched upon Gigi's successful modeling career. She expressed immense pride for her daughter's achievements and recognized the hard work, dedication, and discipline required to thrive in the fashion industry. Foster noted that Gigi has been able to maintain her down-to-earth nature despite her fame, which she attributes to her strong upbringing and values.

Foster, who has faced her own battles with health issues, mentioned how Gigi and other loved ones have played a crucial role in supporting her during difficult times. She spoke highly of Gigi's kindness and compassion, explaining how her daughter had cared for her throughout her illness.

Foster also expressed gratitude for her family's unyielding support during her journey towards recovery.

In conclusion, Yolanda Foster's exclusive interview provides a positive outlook on her daughter Gigi Hadid's relationship with Zayn Malik. Foster wholeheartedly supports the couple and expresses her admiration for Malik's character. She also emphasizes the importance of unity and love within their families. Additionally, Foster praises Gigi's successful modeling career and her grounded nature despite her fame. Overall, this article portrays a loving and supportive family dynamic between Foster, Gigi, and Malik.

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