Apple and Blackberry Newborn Kitten Siblings A Rescue That Almost Never Happened

Apple and Blackberry, two adorable kittens with names that add to their cuteness, decided to share their heartbreaking yet preventable story in a beautiful way. They were born in Lake Worth, Florida, to a feral mother, and they were the only surviving kittens from a litter of seven living on the streets.

Carmen Morales Weinberg, the founder of the Animal Friends Project, Inc. based in Delray Beach, Florida, came across a Facebook post late one evening that displayed a photo of a clump of newborn kittens in a transparent tub. Although the finders had good intentions, their lack of expertise put the delicate litter at risk.

It was unknown where the mother cat was when the kittens were discovered, but she likely got startled and fled. Cats that haven't been spayed or neutered can start reproducing as early as 4-5 months old. The situation was dire as some of the kittens had become entangled in umbilical cords, and one of them had a severely injured rear limb.

The homeowners who found the kittens placed a plea for help online, and Carmen immediately noticed it. Typically, it's recommended not to immediately remove a litter of newborn kittens unless there is evidence of harm, medical assistance is needed, or they are in immediate danger. However, this time, Carmen saw that urgent action was necessary. Someone on Facebook suggested leaving the kittens outside so their mother could come back for them, but Carmen recognized that it was late and risky. She warned against placing the kitten with the injured foot outside and offered to fetch him for immediate medical care.

After a delay, the homeowners responded, but the care the kittens were receiving didn't provide much reassurance. There were still five kittens inside, being fed with bottles, while the mother cat remained outside with two other cats.Carmen and her rescue supporters are doing everything possible to ensure that every day and minute counts for Apple, Blackberry, and their siblings. With the love and care they are receiving, they are sure to find loving homes. Carmen remains determined to locate the rest of the family and reunite them, giving them a chance to live away from the streets. She also promises to have the feral mother cat spayed to prevent future situations like this. Overall, it's the dedication and compassion of animal rescuers like Carmen that keep them scrolling through social media, motivated to save and improve the lives of animals in need.

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