Will Smith confronts Chris Rock over derogatory remark on Netflix talk show.


Will Smith recently confronted Chris Rock over derogatory comments made about him on a Netflix show. The incident occurred during a conversation between the two actors on Rock's show, "Chris Rock: Total Blackout". Rock made a joke referring to Smith as a "b*tch", which did not sit well with the "Men in Black" star.

Smith and Rock discussed the incident on Smith's Snapchat series, "Will From Home". Smith expressed his surprise and disappointment at Rock's comment, explaining that he had always seen Rock as a mentor and an inspiration. However, he made it clear that he was not angry with Rock, but rather wanted to address the issue and have a genuine conversation about it.


Rock was apologetic and immediately regretted his choice of words. He acknowledged that his comment was completely out of line and not reflective of how he truly felt about Smith. Rock expressed his admiration for Smith's talent and success, and assured him that any negative thought he had was purely out of jealousy.

Smith accepted Rock's apology graciously and emphasized the importance of communication and resolving conflicts. He emphasized that it was crucial to address confrontations openly and honestly to build stronger relationships.

Both actors expressed their admiration for one another and ended the conversation on a positive note. The incident serves as a reminder of the significance of discussing differences and resolving conflicts through open dialogue.


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