The Call for Justice: Jim Carrey's Bold Statement on Will Smith Post-Oscars Detainment


In an article titled "He Should Be Behind Bars," popular actor Jim Carrey expresses his opinion on Will Smith, stating that the latter should be arrested after the Oscars. Carrey, known for his bold and outspoken views, believes that Smith's recent actions deserve legal punishment.

Carrey's statement comes after Smith decided to boycott the Oscars, along with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, due to a lack of diversity in the nominations. While many celebrities have supported Smith's decision and the broader conversation on diversity, Carrey takes a different viewpoint. He argues that Smith's stance is hypocritical and that his actions should lead to legal repercussions.


Carrey emphasizes the importance of honoring the commitments one makes and suggests that Smith's refusal to attend the ceremony is a breach of contract. He further argues that if an average person refused to fulfill their contractual duties, they would be held accountable by law. Thus, Carrey believes that Smith should face the same consequences.

However, it is important to note that Carrey's statement is likely intended as a form of provocative and attention-grabbing rhetoric, as both actors have previously worked together in the past and maintain a friendly relationship. While Carrey's remarks may stir controversy and generate headlines, it is unlikely that he genuinely believes Smith should be arrested.

Overall, Carrey's statement expresses his disagreement with Smith's decision to boycott the Oscars and suggests that legal action should be taken, although it should be regarded more as a sensational statement rather than a genuine call for Smith's arrest.


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