"Unleashing Laughter!" Chris Rock Exposes Netflix's Decision to Trim His Harshest Will Smith Jokes


Chris Rock recently revealed that Netflix had decided to cut out his most brutal jokes about actor Will Smith from his comedy special. In an interview on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Rock explained that during the taping, he had a segment in which he made fun of Smith, but Netflix executives were hesitant about including the material in the final edit.

Rock expressed his understanding of the situation, as he believes that making jokes about Smith can be risky due to his popularity and likability. He mentioned that despite being a comedic legend, he didn't want to potentially damage Smith's public image or career.


The comedian also shared that he respects Netflix's decision, as they prioritize maintaining a good relationship with their talent. Rock acknowledged that the streaming service has shown mercy in this case by cutting out the controversial jokes.

Furthermore, Rock mentioned that he had previously experienced a similar situation in which he made jokes about Jussie Smollett during a comedy show. Netflix had also decided to remove those jokes from the special, considering the sensitivity of the subject.

Overall, Chris Rock revealed that Netflix chose to cut out his most brutal jokes about Will Smith from his comedy special, showing mercy and demonstrating their commitment to maintaining a positive relationship with their talent. Rock understands their decision and acknowledges their attentiveness to potentially damaging an individual's public image.


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