Celebrity Dad Will Smith Criticizes Son Jaden's Relationship with Tyler The Creator


Will Smith has expressed his strong disapproval regarding his son Jaden Smith's romantic relationship with rapper Tyler, The Creator. The Hollywood actor, known for his roles in blockbuster films like "Men in Black" and "Independence Day," made his opinion clear during a recent interview.

During the interview, Will Smith emphasized his disapproval of his son's choice of partner, stating that he doesn't support the romantic involvement between Jaden and Tyler, The Creator. The actor expressed his concern, asserting that Jaden's dating decisions were not in line with his own values and beliefs.

Will Smith's statement indicated his strong opposition to the relationship, using the word "slams" to emphasize his disapproval. While he didn't expand on the reasons behind his disapproval, it was clear that the actor felt strongly about the matter.


The article highlights the apparent tension between the father and son, with Will Smith not holding back in publicly expressing his disagreement with Jaden's choice of partner. It suggests that there may be a clash of values between the two, leading to the criticism from the father figure.

Jaden Smith, the 22-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has been known for his unconventional lifestyle and fashion choices. His relationship with Tyler, The Creator does not conform to traditional expectations, which may have contributed to his father's disapproval.

In recent years, Jaden Smith has openly discussed his gender fluidity and his rejection of societal norms. These views, combined with his relationship with Tyler, The Creator, may have created a rift between father and son.


It is worth noting that Jaden Smith previously referred to Tyler, The Creator as his boyfriend during a concert in 2018. While some speculated that it was a joke, his recent actions suggest that there may be some truth to the statement.

This public disapproval from Will Smith raises questions about the dynamics within the Smith family and their acceptance of unconventional relationships. It also raises concerns about the impact of parental disapproval on Jaden Smith's emotional well-being.

Overall, the article focuses on Will Smith's strong criticism of his son Jaden Smith's romantic involvement with rapper Tyler, The Creator. The Hollywood actor's disapproval highlights a potential clash of values and a strained relationship between father and son. The article suggests that this public disagreement raises important questions about acceptance and emotional well-being within the Smith family.


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