Tamar Braxton reveals tearful confession: Chrisean's assault on James Wright surfaces, possible legal consequences


In recent news, Tamar Braxton has been caught up in a distressing incident involving herself, Chrisean, and James Wright. It appears that Chrisean was responsible for delivering a powerful blow to James, rendering him unconscious. Tamar was visibly upset by the situation and found herself in tears. The gravity of the situation may result in legal consequences for Chrisean, potentially leading to her serving time in jail.

The incident unfolded with Chrisean allegedly assaulting James Wright, leaving him knocked out and helpless. Tamar Braxton was present during this disturbing altercation and was evidently distressed by the events that transpired.


The emotional toll on Tamar was severe enough for her to shed tears, indicating the gravity of the situation.

Chrisean, the alleged aggressor in this incident, has seemingly gone into hiding following the altercation. Her actions imply an awareness of the potential consequences she may face in relation to her involvement in the assault on James. It is unclear why Chrisean chose to assault James, and the motives behind her actions remain undisclosed.

This distressing situation may not end well for Chrisean, as legal ramifications are likely to follow. The severity of the assault and the resulting harm inflicted on James will likely impact the consequences Chrisean may face.


If found guilty, Chrisean may end up serving time in jail for her actions, making it a critical turning point in her life.

James Wright, the victim in this incident, was rendered unconscious due to the powerful blow he received. The circumstances leading up to the assault are unknown, leaving questions about the motivations behind Chrisean's actions. James may have suffered physical injuries as a result of the attack, and the long-term impact on his health remains uncertain.

The emotions displayed by Tamar Braxton point to the distress both witnesses and participants experienced during this alarming event.


The tears shed by Tamar serve as an indication of the traumatic nature of the incident and the impact it had on those involved. The aftermath of this assault will undeniably have a significant impact on the lives of everyone involved, potentially altering their futures extensively.

In conclusion, Tamar Braxton was caught in the midst of a distressing incident involving Chrisean and James Wright. Chrisean allegedly delivered a powerful blow to James, rendering him unconscious. Tamar was visibly upset and in tears as a result of the intense situation. Chrisean has chosen to hide, likely out of fear of the potential legal consequences that may result in her serving time in jail. The motives behind the assault remain unknown. This incident marks a critical turning point for those involved, as legal ramifications and potential long-term health consequences for James become a reality.


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