Hungry, Sick Kittens Struggling on Streets Convince Kind Woman to Adopt All 3 of Them

Meet this adorable kitten trio: Noodle, Froggie, and Winky!

These siblings were rescued from the streets in Arizona by a kind hearted woman and her daughter.

Life hadn’t been fair to them, but their luck was about to change for the better.

These beautiful black kittens weren’t so “unlucky” after all!

Their human mom, Wendy, tells us all about their rescue story in the interview below.

Homeless to Homebound

My three beautiful rescue kittens are all from the same litter.

My daughter found them outside someone’s home and spoke with the woman who was feeding them in her yard.

Though the woman was trying her best, the it was clear kittens needed more than she could give them.

I knew they needed medical attention and wouldn’t last long living on the streets.

She agreed to let us take them, so all three of them came home with us!

At the time, I absolutely did NOT intend on keeping all three kittens.

I’d considered adopting one of them, but I needed to get them all somewhere safe.

After making many phone calls the next day, I was able to find a vet who could see them right away.

They all had a bad case of conjunctivitis and two of them ended up have scars in one eye.

Fortunately, they didn’t have any other major health complications.

The kittens finally had a safe place to call home for the time being.

We provided them with medicine, nutritious food, and plenty of love.

Soon enough, they were nursed back to health and bouncing off the walls with energy!

Their personalities truly started to shine as they recovered.

They were so sweet and loving– my heart broke at the thought of giving them away or separating them.

I also knew it was risky adopting out black cats because of people’s superstitions and prejudice towards them.

Not to mention they had physical blemishes from life on the streets that would be discouraging to potential adopters.

I realized there was no need to put them up for adoption.

They’d already found their forever home with us.

These kittens were right where they belonged!

Purrfect Personalities

All three kittens have their own unique personalities which is how they got their names!

Froggie is the most energetic and daring. She’s a little acrobat.

She’s always ready to leap into any situation with no fear (hence the name).

Noodle is a dainty little princess and cuddle bug.

I’m not sure why my daughter picked that name but it suits her.

Winky is very handsome and regal.

In the beginning, I knew there was a chance he could lose his eye, so the name Winky would celebrate his uniqueness.

Luckily, he still has both eyes!

He loves affection, but likes for us to come to him first.

He’ll often walk away if his siblings are crying for attention.

When the three of them are not snuggling together or grooming each other, they love to watch the birds on the patio.

They’re young and playful, so of course they get a major case of the night time zoomies.

They’ll zoom through the house chasing each other and playing “soccer” with anything they can get their paws on.

How have these kittens made difference in your life?

Before adopting this kitten crew, I’d only owned large dogs.

I still think dogs are amazing, but cats are…well…cats!

Cats are charming in a very special way and I love it!

It’s so fun watching them stalk, explore, play, preen, head butt, and curl up in your lap or the crook of your neck.

With my only daughter away at college, these kittens have been a true blessing.

I didn’t realize how empty the house was until I heard the pitter patter of little paws. 

These babies rule my house and having them here has been an adventure of a lifetime!

They’re such joyful little creatures and I’m loving every minute of it.

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