Lonely Kitten with Tragic Past Opens Her Heart to Loving Someone New

Meet Miss Freddie! She’s a beautiful 3-year-old cat from Arizona.

Before Miss Freddie was adopted, she suffered through neglect and cruelty.

Now she’s a healthy, happy kitty living a wonderful life with someone who loves her unconditionally!

Her mom, Frances, tells us all about her sweet girl in the story below.

A Glimmer of Hope

After getting my own little apartment, I felt it time to add a new friend into my life.

I decided to adopt a young male kitten from a local shelter.

However, the shelter worker informed me that all younger kittens get adopted out very quickly.

My heart dropped with sadness while I headed to the shelter exit.

That’s when I saw Miss Freddie (named “Gladys” at the time) with her very thin, frail body, cringed up in the corner of her kennel.

She was looking about as sad as I was. She didn’t even respond to my voice.

The shelter worker told me that the kitten was 7 months old.

Someone brought her to the shelter after finding her taped up in a box and left for dead outdoors in the hot summer temperatures of Arizona!

The first photo is from her first day home from the shelter.

You can see how frightened and thin she was!

She was severely malnourished, and had been mistreated during her earlier months of life.

That’s when I knew that I had to help the little orange and white tabby to give her a better life.

I decided to adopt her and the rest is history.

How did Miss Freddie get her name?

My favorite rock band is Queen, so when I first got to the shelter, I started looking for a young male kitten that I could name Freddie (after Freddie Mercury the lead singer of Queen).

With no luck finding a male kitten, I saw “Gladys”.

Once I heard the story of her short, sad, little past, I completed her adoption forms.

But while completing the registration, I changed her name to, you guessed it, Freddie!

On social media, I make sure to add “Miss” before Freddie’s name to avoid any confusion.

What is Miss Freddie’s personality like?

It took a little while for my little girl to get used to her new surroundings after her adoption.

But after a couple of weeks, she was relaxed enough to start snuggling with me on the bed.

Miss Freddie is very laid back and mellow, but she has no trouble letting me know when it’s time to feed her.

She’s not a big fan of being picked up or being held.

But she will, however, tolerate me picking her up and holding her very briefly.

She is definitely the “Queen” of the house and my life, and she has no problem showing it!

This next photo of Miss Freddie that shows the world what total and complete unconditional love can do for a princess with a troubled and abusive past.

Now, she’s a happy little girl with the name of a true legend!

What does Miss Freddie like to do for fun?

Miss Freddie has brief episodes of actual playing with her little catnip filled mice.

She scoops them up with one paw, or in her teeth, and she tosses them around.

Then she pounces on them wherever they may have landed.

But after a while, she stops playing and goes over to different windows around the house to look outside.

Her favorite is the sliding glass door in my bedroom that faces the back yard.

She loves sitting there for hours, “chattering” at squirrels and birds.

She loves her crunchy food every day and can’t get enough of her favorite salmon flavored treats.

Miss Freddie isn’t shy when it comes to asking for what she wants.

If I don’t pay attention to her quick enough when she wants treats, she’ll sit on my storage chest at the foot of my bed and swat my hands each time I pass by her until she her treats.

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