Five Newborn Kittens with Their Umbilical Cords Attached are Rescued From Hay Bale!


When an agricultural transport truck got on the road heading for Virginia, the driver had no idea he was carrying special cargo. 

When the truck reached its destination it was discovered that there were five newborn kittens inside one of the hay bales that were being transported.

The newborn kittens were just days old, in fact they still had their umbilical cords attached. Sadly, there was no way that they would be able to track down the mother as the truck had already travelled hundreds of miles. 

The driver acted quickly and contacted the SPCA in Richmond, Virginia. They took charge of the kittens and began to search for a foster home. They were given a collective name of the "hay bale kittens." 


All of Sara's family chipped in with taking care of the newborn kittens, it is a constant process that lasts for around eight weeks.

When the kittens had to come of age (around eight weeks) the SPCA put them up for adoption and they were all quickly adopted into loving forever homes.

Little did they know that their life had started in such an unusual way, hundreds of miles away.  


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