Days of our Lives: EJ Lets Sloan Get Away With Baby Stealing?


In the recent storyline of the television show "Days of our Lives," a shocking event has gripped the viewers. The character EJ has seemingly allowed Sloan, another character, to escape after stealing a baby. The show, also known as "DOOL," has kept its audience engaged with this captivating plot twist.

The storyline centers around EJ, a complex character who has always walked a fine line between good and evil. This time, his actions have left viewers wondering about his motives. Sloan, a character known for her manipulative ways, planned and executed the abduction of a baby. However, instead of stopping her or reporting the crime, EJ chose to let her escape.


The decision has sparked intense speculation among fans of the show. Some believe that EJ may have had a hidden agenda, while others think that he may be protecting Sloan for personal reasons. However, the true reasoning behind EJ's choice remains a mystery.

"Days of our Lives" has a reputation for its engaging and complex storylines, and this latest development is no exception. Viewers are eagerly waiting to see how this shocking turn of events will impact the lives of the characters involved. Will EJ face consequences for his actions? Will Sloan be caught and brought to justice?

As the drama continues to unfold, fans of "Days of our Lives" are on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next installment of this gripping storyline. The question remains: why did EJ allow Sloan to get away with baby stealing? Only time will tell.


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