28 Incredible Before & After Rescue Dog Transformations Shows What Love Can Do




Santiago, Chile, where Fernández does his work, has an abundance of stray dogs. Although Chileans take  in their compassion towards dogs, often providing food and shelter for strays as communities, and staunchly opposing proposals to cull their population, rough sleeping is still not easy for these cute dogs. As you can see from the pictures posted by Fernández, dogs living outside are vulnerable to mange, injuries, infections, and all the discomfort that poor hygiene and the elements can cause.




57% of Chileans believe that measures to control stray dogs other than euthanasia should be implemented, and public policy is gradually shifting towards population control for stray dogs. The Metropolitan Regional Council of Santiago is investing 3 billion Chilean pesos ($3,678,000) in spaying and neutering strays in an effort to slow the growth of the stray population. Recent laws have also outlawed pet abandonment and made microchipping mandatory in the hopes that pets won't end up on the streets or in animal shelters.




However, animal rescuers and overburdened shelter animal workers say that public education is necessary for any policy changes to help the situation, calling for people to have their pets spayed and neutered, volunteer as foster carers and donate to shelters and rescuers that help with spaying and neutering strays and fix them for future dog adoption.