Cat Picked Up as a Stray Immediately Wants Affection and Even Starts Helping Other Cats

Arlo is a six-year-old cat with heterochromia who was found as a stray and brought to a shelter. He was picked up by Best Friends Felines and taken in by Amanda, a foster volunteer. Arlo is a very friendly and loving cat who loves attention from people and even helped other cats when introduced to foster kittens. After running several tests, it was revealed that Arlo has an uncommon condition called diabetes insipidus, which is why he drinks an enormous amount of water each day. To ensure the best quality of life, Arlo joined the rescue's palliative foster program where he will have access to a lifetime of care. Arlo has become a cherished member of his foster family and loves to snuggle and cuddle with them. He is also known for his quirky way of making biscuits and sleeping on his human's pillow.