Freeze Cat Lover! Kitten "Pawfficer" Has You Under Arrest

Bryant, Arkansas has a new member on their police force, and she's absolutely adorable. Meet Cad, the newest officer at the Bryant Police Department. The 14-week-old grey tabby kitten received her badge on Friday, making her the purrfect addition to the team. Officer Hastings and their company ARMA Tactical even created a special badge setup so Cad can wear her shield on her collar.

Cad spends most of her time in dispatch, so it seemed fitting to name her after one of the department's operating systems. In law enforcement, CAD typically stands for Computer-Aided Dispatch. But in Cad's case, it stands for something a little different – Cat-Aided Dispatch. After all, cat lovers know that cats are the best at everything they do!

Just a few days before receiving her badge, Cad received a surprise package from a kind-hearted cat lover named Meagan Harris. The package included a sack of food, a comfy bed, a scratching post, and various other cat supplies. The Bryant Police Department took to Facebook to express their gratitude to Meagan, saying "you have made this little kitten's day." Indeed, Cad now has everything she needs to be alert and comfortable on the job.

Cad's journey to the police force began this past fall when she and her two siblings, along with their sick mother, arrived at the Bryant Animal Control & Adoption Center. The kittens' mother had rejected them due to her own illness. Thankfully, Cad and her siblings were fostered out and nursed back to health. Crystal Winkler, a BPD employee, had the privilege of fostering Cad and her brother. Sergeant Todd Crowson and his colleagues decided to take Cad in as their own.

Not only does Cad now have a forever home, but she also has a whole force of family members to protect and serve her. And the furry feline gives back to the department as well. It is well-known that cats have a calming influence on people. Petting a cat can reduce blood pressure and calm anxiety. The department hopes that Cad can serve as a cute and cuddly ambassador for her species and provide stress relief for the staff and officers.

But Cad's impact doesn't stop there. Children who find themselves in the police department during difficult times can be scared and upset. Cad's presence can help soothe their fears and make their visit a little easier. Sergeant Todd Crowson said, "She's going to be able to help us out a whole lot with little kids who come in here who are scared to be here." Cad will provide therapy and comfort to those who need it most.

Cad has a long life ahead as the chief cat in residence at the Bryant Police Department. She will continue to bring joy, comfort, and cuteness to the officers and staff. Congratulations to "Pawfficer" Cad on her new role and thank you to everyone who has shown her love and support along the way.

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